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Discover Five Botox Myths And Why They are Not True

There are many botox myths being spread among individuals who truly do not know enough about these injections to be able to give factual information. Unfortunately, these myths are often believed, preventing individuals from seeking treatments for their lines and wrinkles because they are nervous. It is imperative for individuals to research and find factual information before they decide if Botox is a treatment they want. With this information, myths will be dispelled.

  • Botox is not safe. This is a myth that has been perpetuated for many years even though the FDA has approved this treatment since 2002. The FDA has released strict guidelines to ensure Botox injections are carried out safely.
  • Botox can cause botulism. This is yet another myth that continues to cause needless fear among those considering the treatment. While Botox injections come from the botulinum toxin which is the same one that causes botulism, it stays at the injection sight and does not cause widespread medical concerns. The small amount that is used is not enough to cause illness.
  • Botox causes people to look frozen and emotionless. Many still believe this treatment prevents them from being able to smile, raise their eyebrows, or have any expression at all. Because this treatment does not deeply affect a person’s facial expression muscles, treated individuals can still express themselves.
  • Botox is only used for cosmetic reasons. This myth is entirely wrong because Botox has been used to successfully treat a wide array of disorders, including migraines, overactive bladder, cervical dystonia, and much more.
  • Botox can remove all lines and wrinkles. Although Botox is very effective at removing lines and wrinkles, it does not give the smooth complexion invasive plastic surgery does. Static wrinkles do not respond to Botox treatment since it can only be used to treat dynamic wrinkles.

Now that you know these myths are false, it is time for you to consider Botox treatments for yourself. These treatment results can last up to six months and the injections are safe for most people. With these treatments, wrinkles, lines, and furrows can be smoothed for a much younger looking appearance. Speak with your doctor today to learn more.