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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Getting a New Look for Short Curly Hair

Short-haired celebs are all over the media. The cute face-framing styles and glamorous bobs and pixies are so fun and urban. But with short curly hair, it’s a whole new level of body when you chop those locks. Not to worry.  You really can have one of those fabulous Hollywood styles, even with short curly hair.

Short Curly Hair Demystified

Curly Haired Girls Can Have Short Hair

You know that if you have curly locks, your pixie won’t be smooth and flowing like those gorgeous celebrity styles you’ve seen. Maybe not even if you use half a container of product and a straightening iron. And all your friends tell you that curly hair just doesn’t work for short styles, so you haven’t made the leap. But knowing what to expect is half the battle. When it’s time for a change, jump in and get a great short haircut for curly hair with these tips.

Understand Your Curls

Get a good idea of your curl before you start looking at pictures to take to the stylist. When you understand those curls, you can pick the best look for your hair. Your curls might start at the roots, or your locks might not curl until your hair is longer. There are different types and sizes of curls too. Are your curls in tight z-shaped coils or maybe they hang in large ringlets. When you understand those curls, you can find a picture of a hairstyle that with work best with your locks.

Expect More Curl

When you have curly hair, the weight of a longer length stretches out that curl and it becomes less defined. When that weight is gone, your curls may just get curlier. So when you get your haircut, make sure to allow for the shrink factor – more curls, shorter length. Your stylist can do a dry cut to make sure you both consider the curlier curl that will probably happen with shorter hair.

Find a Stylist with Curl Experience

Your current stylist may not have done many long to short transformations for curly hair. So if you see a women with a great short, curly cut, ask who their stylist is. You’ll make them feel good about their cut you can find some experienced stylists. Make sure to ask for a free consultation so you can discuss your options and confirm they have experience with your type of hair.

Flattering Your Face

You’ll need to consider the shape of your face in addition to the type of curls you have to get the best cut for you. Don’t worry, even people with straight hair do this. So know that it’s a great way to figure out your perfect style. Work with your stylist to help you narrow down the best cut for your face shape.

You’re ready! Now check out some of these amazing haircuts for women with short curly hair. You’re sure to find some great pics to show your stylist.